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  • Health and safety, quality and environment policy

Health and safety, quality and environment policy

At IRIZAR e-mobility, S.L., we seek to strengthen our brand based on sustainable growth, creating and generating wealth and long-term employment. We also seek business excellence through customer satisfaction based on high added value, the best products, and services tailored to their needs, with the guarantee of a solid project in which they can trust.

We provide comprehensive electric mobility solutions for cities, both in terms of manufacturing zero emissions vehicles, and in terms of manufacturing and installing the major infrastructure systems necessary for charging, traction and energy storage, all of which have been designed and manufactured using 100% Group technology.

Our electric vehicles are environmentally friendly as they reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution which enable to create better urban environments and improve the quality of life of citizens. Providing great value to cities and citizens and to the environment, we have a work system based on a structure of communication and participation in management and results within a safe and healthy work environment that meets the demands of customers, the applicable legislation and regulations, with special attention to production conformity (CoP) and homologation management, as well as other requirements that IRIZAR e-mobility voluntarily signs up to.

We are committed to providing safe and healthy conditions that prevent injuries and poor health, to eliminating hazards and reducing risks and encouraging the consultation and participation of all those who work for the company to achieve these goals.

The inclusion of suppliers in the supply chain to ensure customer satisfaction, customer service, lower environmental impacts, as well as protection of the environment and prevention of the pollution inherent to our activity and maintenance of a safe working environment are priorities in our responsible and sustainable management of the organization.

To this end, we regularly set targets and objectives that are consistent with this Health and Safety, Quality and Environment Policy. These target and objectives are based on the principles of continuous improvement within the scope defined for the design, development, production and after-sales of zero emissions vehicles.

We are also aware that fulfilling our commitments is the responsibility of all Irizar e-mobility people, and we are therefore committed to promoting and disseminating the Health and Safety, Quality and Environment Policy to all our staff and to making it available to all stakeholders.

Approved by the Managing Director of Irizar e-mobility

25 September 2020

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