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Operating costs

Operating costs

Because the technology proposed by Irizar e-mobility is developed from the outset to offer the best operating costs, as well as integral service from the initial project phase, it contributes to this objective:
  • The power electronics and traction systems are developed for long life cycles.
  • The Irizar Group's smart technology enables constant updates to the in-built systems to respond effectively to the challenge of maximising the service life of each vehicle, thereby optimising the value of your assets.
  • The Irizar e-mobility buses incorporate innovative energy technologies, such as the EcoAssist system and the energy storage management system.
  • The remote-diagnosis back-office system enables central monitoring of all bus components, including the batteries, which allows comprehensive oversight resulting in very precise predictive and preventive maintenance.
  • The smart charging system centralizes and records all data from the chargers, leading to lower costs in resources and infrastructure. Obtaining this information in real time enables optimization of charging time and capacity.
  • Current tax breaks reward lack of pollution and further improve the return on investment.
  • Another issued to take into account is the reduction of high health costs and improvement of the citizens' quality of life.