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irizar e-mobility

Leading the change transition

At Irizar e-mobility, we offer comprehensive electromobility solutions for cities, both in terms of manufacturing zero emissions 100% electric vehicles, and in terms of manufacturing and installing the major infrastructure systems necessary for charging, traction, and energy storage, all with the application of the Group’s completely European technology and with Irizar’s warranty and service quality.

The operator therefore has the added benefit of having a single point of contact at every stage of the project, including detailed consultation, comprehensive vehicle care and an after-sales, maintenance and repair service which are tailored to the customer's needs.

We also offer constant updates to the in-built systems to respond effectively to the challenge of maximising the service life of each vehicle, thereby optimising the value of its assets. And a customizable fleet management system which, in addition to comprehensive monitoring of costs and efficiency, offers the possibility of optimizing the performance and profitability of each fleet and safety while driving can be provided.

Our vehicle range currently includes three models: Irizar ie bus, Irizar ie tram and Irizar ie truck.

A green energy plant

The first European electromobility plant

  • Progressive reduction in CO2 emissions and pollution.

  • Investment: 75 M euros

  • 18.000m2 Area

  • 37.000m2 Area

  • Production capacity of 1000 vehicles a year

  • Built using environmental and green design principles. Energy efficiency certificate

  • Completely sustainable production processes where personal health and safety are the top priority

  • Manufacturing products and solutions with 100% electric zero emissions technology

  • In house circuit and test benches

Our plant is located in Aduna (Guipúzcoa) and has a built area of 18.000 m2, on a 4-hectare plot.

These facilities are designed to manufacture not only electric buses, but also other types of industrial vehicles that complement the electromobility needs of cities, as well as their main components and systems. We have an initial productive capacity of 1000 vehicles per year .

We are fully committed to the environment and we want to contribute to this energy transition. We have invested in the largest solar photovoltaic park in the Basque Country. The energy generated in this park supply our facilities, making this the first factory producing zero emission electric buses with totally clean energy in Europe.

Our factory includes a warehouse and domestic hot water heating system that works by using the surplus steam from a company located in the adjoining plot.

The construction used innovative elements and cutting-edge solutions with a special emphasis on those concepts that define eco-sustainability. The slab levelling is of high specification without retraction joints, the roof is of induction-fixed sheets, the interior and exterior lighting of the building is LED, the control of both the facilities and the equipment of the production process (lighting, air conditioning, heating, pneumatics, paint booths, etc.) is centralized, and the rooms are managed using touch controls.

The plant has its own test tracks and test benches in order to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the equipment and to check the technology that is incorporated into the vehicles, as well as their components and systems.

These features have earned the plant a class A energy efficiency certificate, the highest currently available in Europe.