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  •  Irizar aftersales service

    Irizar aftersales service

With Irizar service, you can have personalised solutions designed and created to provide the best in terms of technical assistance; such as integral repair, tune-up and maintenance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Industry leaders in after-sales service

Irizar e-mobility has decided to implement exclusive guaranteed after-sales services with personalised R&M (repair and maintenance) packages in cities where electro-mobility solutions have been implemented. The services will be managed in an integral and centralised way by technical experts and people hired locally. As a result, we are also making a contributing to the generation of local wealth and employment.

The quality of Irizar services starts at the beginning of the project. We accompany customers through the entire project life cycle and offer comprehensive vehicle and infrastructure maintenance.

Spares, technical documentation, guarantees and customer service

iService, fast, easy and online

Irizar is placing the iService web platform for vehicle service management at the service of its customers, who can use the platform to view technical documentation or order spares quickly and easily.

Irizar's online guarantee platform makes it possible to store and access information in digital version about every vehicle. It provides a history of work done on each vehicle and makes it possible to monitor vehicles. Statistics can also be obtained in a straightforward way and measures for prevention and continuous improvement can be put into practice.

With the iService web platform, customers can make after-sales inquiries.

It can be accessed comfortably either online or using the mobile or tablet.

Connected vehicles

For complete monitoring

The iPanel fleet manager has the most advanced technology for providing customisable solutions to meet the needs of any business model. iPanel services are tailored to be integrated into the processes of our clients, helping in decision-making in order to improve profitability.

Thanks to our fully customisable fleet management system, our customers can optimise the performance and profitability of their fleet, in addition to closely monitoring costs and efficiency.

Irizar Service Tool

Easy diagnostics

This diagnostics tool is valid for all Irizar vehicles and it can diagnose different systems: engine, batteries, brakes, suspension, pneumatics, radiator, doors, ramp, lighting, climate control... It provides a connection between the vehicle and the diagnostics tool using Bluetooth or cable and it can be used with a standard laptop.

Training sessions

Constant training for high quality service

We provide regular training courses for technicians so they can keep up to date with the innovations incorporated into each model of Irizar vehicle. Consequently, their behaviour in terms of safety and their repair and maintenance work is top quality.

Intelligent technology

By the Irizar Group

By having our own proprietary technology, we can provide constant updates for the included systems and effectively respond to the challenge of maximising the useful life of every vehicle in order to optimise the value of your assets.