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Ahead in autonomy

Ahead in autonomy

In European markets, the Irizar ie bus (10m and 12m) provides autonomy of 250 km at an average speed of 15-17 km/h, and between 14 and 16 hours of driving in heavy city or intercity traffic conditions on a single charge of three or four hours. With a nominal capacity of 180 kW, the onboard energy in the vehicle is 376kWh.

For the other models, we conduct energy studies of the operator lines in order to determine how much energy the bus requires, with the objective of ensuring the maximum autonomy possible.

We provide storage systems capable of identifying and efficiently managing energy flows and peaks to guarantee optimum autonomy.

We have pantograph systems for fast charging during travel to ensure operation for the entire day.

We can also equip the vehicles with assisted driving systems so as to contribute to reducing the vehicle's energy consumption and thus increasing its autonomy.

The buses that are currently operating in different cities, along with the different tests being conducted by operators and urban transport authorities in various European cities, support these operating ranges.