Leaders in design and customization

Designed for service and the city

La espectacularidad del diseño, al servicio de una aerodinámica que optimice el consumo y que dote de prestigio a los propietarios, es una de nuestras fortalezas.

Cada autobús es la suma de las múltiples soluciones tecnológicas y del minucioso cuidado estético que surgen de nuestra experiencia y nuestro afán innovador.

The spectacular design, at the service of aerodynamics that optimizes consumption and confers prestige on its owners, is one of our strengths.

Every bus is the sum of the multiple technological solutions and close attention to aesthetics that arise from our experience and innovativeness.

All our vehicles have an innovative and inspiring design that breaks with the codes of classic transport and offers an attractive service to the city and comfort and emotional pleasure for passengers. This fact confers added value to cities and operators insofar as it makes them participants in the urban electromobility project and they contribute to promoting a range of sustainable, efficient and quality mobility services with the ultimate goal of satisfying passengers.

The interior design likewise seeks to offer the user a feeling of openness and light, where the transition between inside and outside is minimized through the transparency of the windows, so the passenger becomes an observer of what happens outside the vehicle.