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  • Comfort to power

    Comfort to power

We have designed the passenger compartment taking into account traveller behaviour and interaction with the urban vehicle as well as different lifestyles and future trends.

Accessibility, safety, circulation flow, and passenger comfort inspire the interior design architecture of our vehicles. The large side windows, together with the LED interior lighting and its central "open air" vault, provide brightness that transfers the user to a safe and pleasant environment.

Irizar e-mobility bus passengers enjoy the same degree of thermal comfort as the rest of the buses in the Irizar line.

We provide a bright and pleasant environment, designed for students, for example, as it has been observed that on all public transport networks, they prefer to sit in the back. The arrangement of the seats, their high level of comfort and the integration of essential comfort and safety features mean that the idea of social cohesion can be approached.

For passenger entertainment and information, installation of a wide range of solutions is available: USB chargers, WiFi, Braille buttons, luggage racks, multimedia screens, mobile applications for passenger information, interior vinyl, etc.

A unique bus

Another Irizar maxim is the unlimited customization option that it offers to the market and to operators, which is undoubtedly a competitive advantage.

The electric buses feature an innovative modular structure and different solutions that offer optimum flexibility and ability to adapt to the different needs of operators and cities. As such, the customer is provided with a great variety of entertainment alternatives and solutions to choose from:

  • Up to 4 doors (18 metres).
  • Energy storage according to the needs of the service lines.
  • Different lay-out possibilities, number of seats, priority seating or number of standing passengers, PMR zones.
  • Connected vehicle.
  • Wide variety of seating options.
  • Luggage racks, back ends, fold-down seats, advertising boards, security cameras, person counter, pre-heater.
  • LED lights, Xenon, destination signs, anti-graffiti vinyl.
  • All available entertainment systems.