Zaragoza, test laboratory for developing the intelligent and connected Irizar ie tram bus from the Digizity project

  • DIGIZITY was born as the most ambitious industrial research project ever for designing and implementing innovative solutions with the goal of automating, decarbonising and digitalising urban transport with zero-emissions buses.
  • The bus that was developed for this test is the 12 metre long Irizar ie tram, which is a 100% electric zero-emissions vehicle that can transport up to 74 passengers.

Avanza and the City of Zaragoza presented the largest Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) project to the media today. It's a project that started two years ago with the goal of automating, decarbonising and digitalising urban transport with zero-emissions buses.

Five other companies, including the Irizar Group via Irizar, Jema and Hispacold, participated in the project lead by Avanza. Telnet and Nextium and three technology centres (Itainnova from Aragón, CTAG from Galicia and Tecnalia from the Basque Country) and Novadays, a consulting firm specialising in public administration, also participated. It marked the integration of the value chain of one of the segments of the automotive sector, bus transport. It brought together manufacturers of buses, engines, components and on-board systems, telecommunications equipment and a global mobility operator.

DIGIZITY, who keeps making progress every day thanks to all its members, is part of the integral model of the City of Zaragoza that aims to create a zero-emissions city and promote sustainable mobility through a transition from private vehicles to public transport.

They took another step this Thursday and their EXCEPTIONAL AREA, which is an enclosed and 100% safe research infrastructure that is part of the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE), was presented with the Irizar ie tram, a connected and electric vehicle. The test area will be done on line 40 of Zaragoza public transport. Its first stage will start to be operational starting today, which will make it possible to test and integrate all the systems developed on the project. Furthermore, Vodafone is collaborating on all the tests as a 5G communications provider and subject area expert.

The bus used for the tests is an Irizar ie tram, which is a silent and environmentally friendly vehicle. Its innovative design similar to a tram, high degree of personalisation, high capacity and ease of access and comfort are among its great virtues.


With this project, mobility 4.0 is arriving at the capital of Aragon, putting it at the vanguard of the future and of sustainability and innovation through artificial intelligence. Zaragoza will be the first city domestically or internationally to have the benefits of a pioneering project by testing more than 50 products, systems and subsystems aimed at making public transport cleaner, more efficient, safer and more comfortable. Furthermore, the city will improve the safety of Avenida San José, which is an especially sensitive traffic area.

Today autonomous driving is making an important contribution to environmental sustainability because energy consumption can be managed more efficiently. In addition, it goes hand in hand with electrification and implementing zero-emission vehicle technologies.

The zero-emissions 12 metre Irizar ie tram automated vehicle has driving assistance that contributes to guaranteeing safety and minimises the possibility of accidents. The driving assistance doesn't eliminate the driver, it assists them to improve safety. It reduces accidents or incidents by reducing human error (fatigue or speeding, etc.).

The goals of the project are clear: automated and intelligent vehicle usage, 5G and WiFi 6 connectivity, technological and smart city infrastructures, artificial intelligence and latest generation solutions for users. A connected, intelligent and cybersafe vehicle was developed with this project. It's connected in real time/5G with a network that has been deployed for that purpose.

The DIGIZITY project has been financed by the European Union - Next Generation EU through the 2021 “Sustainable Automotive Technology Programme” call for entries under the Recovery - Transformation and Resilience Plan backed by the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI). The total budget is more than 9 million Euros, it has 5.4 million in public funding and it will last until 31 December 2023.

This 12-metre long Irizar ie tram will be integrated into the EMT Palma fleet network in a test period

A total of 12 buses will soon be incorporated into the EMT Palma network.

As an innovation, these vehicles will incorporate solar panels on top that will be used to power the auxiliary systems of the buses.

The vehicles, which will have Irizar battery technology, will be completely quiet and won't create polluting emissions.

The Irizar ie tram can be identified by being a bus with a minimalist design without ornamentation where every feature has a specific functional purpose which creates an identity and image easily recognisable by users.

The city of Madrid presents the Irizar e-mobility ie trams that will operate on the city's first electric BRT line

Aduna, 8 February 2023

  • There will be a total of ten 100% electric Irizar ie tram buses that can transport up to 100 passengers each and that will have an 8 to 12 minute frequency.
  • Their minimalist, modern design that is similar to a tram makes the vehicles easy to distinguish from the rest of the municipal fleet.
  • The line has a total length of 31 kilometres, 19 of which have a bus-only lane and, for the first time there will be traffic signal pre-emption at 68 intersections.

The first Bus Rapid that will start running on the city's streets in May was presented in Madrid this Tuesday. It will be the first high-capacity rapid electric bus line in Madrid. The system will connect the neighbourhoods of Valdebebas and Sanchinarro with the Ramón y Cajal hospital using a bus-only lane and, for the first time, it will have signal pre-emption.

The presentation ceremony was held on Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas in Valdebebas in a section of the road where work is already under way to implement the BRT, which stands for Bus Rapid Transit. The line will have a fleet of ten Irizar ie tram buses.

With the addition of these 10 buses, the EMT of Madrid will have a total of 175 zero-emissions Irizar buses in its fleet.

Irizar ie tram - High capacity and comfort with the attributes of a tram

The first rapid high capacity line in Madrid will have ten completely electric buses, which will be 12 metre long Irizar ie tram vehicles. The vehicles combine the flexibility of an urban bus with the high capacity and ease of moving around inside of a tram. With a modern, minimalist design, chrome edging and large glazed areas on the sides, it can be easily distinguished from the rest of the municipal fleet.

Instead of rear view mirrors, the vehicle is equipped with cameras that show images on two screens on both sides of the driver's seat. The layout of the elements inside was planned for high capacity with all the guarantees of comfort and universal accessibility for users. The vehicles have entrance and exit doors on the right side and a front door with only one leaf.

These zero-emissions Irizar vehicles have latest generation batteries with more than 430 kWh of power. The drive unit is a 206 kW central motor.

A faster and smoother ride

The vehicles assigned to this line were specially designed to use bus lanes separate from the rest of traffic and carry up to 100 passengers. The first rapid bus line will have an itinerary with 19 intermediate stops in each direction, plus one end of the line in Valdebebas and the other next to Ramón y Cajal hospital. It will use a platform that is separated from the other lanes of traffic, and uniquely, priority will be given to the middle of the street whenever possible to avoid conflicting with other vehicles. In all, 12 intermediate stops have variable message panels.

By going through the city centre and adapting to an itinerary that has traffic signal pre-emption, the route will be faster and smoother and travel times will be dramatically shorter. The line will have a frequency between 8 and 12 minutes at peak times. And it is expected to run at an average commercial speed higher than conventional EMT lines.

According to the calculations done by the current city government, the new line, which has been put in place as part of the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy, will save an accumulated 700,000 kilometres a year of travel normally done in private cars, in addition to an emissions reduction of around 125 tons of CO2 and nearly 200 tons of NOx.

Last week we had the pleasure to attend the presentation of the first zero emission buses for the city of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

These are the first electric buses that will be incorporated into the fleet of the municipal operator Trolleybus and Bus Transport Stara Zagora, the Irizar ie bus of 12 metres length.

These buses stand out for their modern and innovative design, incorporating several aesthetic interior features that are common to the Irizar ie tram, generating a different and attractive vehicle that maximizes comfort, accessibility and safety for the driver and passengers, benefiting the city with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of getting around.

We had the pleasure of attending the presentation of the new AUVASA buses in Valladolid

These are the first electric articulated buses, zero emissions Irizar ie tram model, 18 meters long, which will be part of the AUVASA fleet and will be put into operation in the coming days on line 1.

The Irizar ie tram bus, with its modern and innovative design, offers a different attraction to the city, while offering maximum comfort, accessibility and safety for drivers and users of the service.

The first Irizar ie bus is already operating on the streets of Liechtenstein

A total of four buses will be integrated into the LIEmobil public transport. They are 100% electric zero emissions buses and are 12 metres long. These buses will be operated by BUS Ostschweiz AG.

The delivery of these buses was made through our Swiss distributor JJ Industrial Solutions Schweiz AG.

Irizar e-mobility will deliver seven electric buses to EMT Fuenlabrada

Aduna, 20 December 2022

Irizar e-mobility is still leading the domestic market and has added a new contract to supply seven 100% electric zero-emissions buses to EMT Fuenlabrada to their portfolio of orders.  

The model chosen by the operator is the 12 metre long Irizar ie tram. It's a vehicle with an avant-garde and innovative design similar to a tram that will change the look of public transport for the city of Fuenlabrada.

It's a vehicle that stands out, among other reasons, for its low noise level (below 70 dB with the air conditioning running), and its high capacity, easy access and the ample space for passengers inside. The passenger area of the bus is luminous, comfortable, spacious, pleasant and safe. It has USB ports for charging the batteries of passengers' phones.

In terms of accessibility, it's a low floor vehicle that has a ramp, priority spaces and seats for people with reduced mobility, sound and light emitting door buttons, and stops can be requested in Braille.

It's a completely safe bus that has video surveillance cameras and obstacle proximity radar, among other things. 

The vehicles that will become part of the EMT Fuenlabrada fleet will have three doors, 26 seats and they will be able to carry 80 passengers. They will have 430 kWh Irizar batteries and can be charged using an inverted pantograph or a Combo 2 charging outlet. The drive unit will be a 206 kW central motor. The ie trams will have enough range to provide service for 16 hours. 

Without a doubt, these sustainable and innovative vehicles will contribute to the decarbonisation project for public transport in Fuenlabrada.

Next year electric buses from Irizar e-mobility will be on the roads of Krakow, Poland

Aduna, 25 November 2022

Irizar e-mobility keeps winning new clients in northern Europe. They've signed a contract with the Polish operator MPK Krakow (Miejskie Przedsiebiorstwo Komunikacyjne) to supply four 100% electric zero-emissions buses. The contract has an option to provide three more buses.

The order will make Krakow the first Polish city to have Irizar e-mobility electric buses in their fleet.

The model chosen by the operator is the 12 metre long Irizar ie bus. It's a quiet, safe and comfortable bus that will definitely contribute to the energy transition and to reaching the city's ambitious goals for sustainable mobility.

The vehicles, which use in-house Irizar battery technology, have three doors, one driver's seat, 26 passenger seats and capacity for transporting 91 passengers. And they're equipped with PRM solutions and wheelchair areas to facilitate accessibility and fluid movement inside. They can be charged using a bottom-up pantograph or with a Combo 2 charging outlet on axle 1 in the garage. The chargers will be supplied by Jema Energy, an Irizar Group company.

Insofar as safety systems, the buses have complete CCTV systems, people counters and blind-spot cameras, among other things.

 “We're very happy that next year passengers in Krakow will be travelling in new Irizar e-mobility electric buses. This will be the first electromobility project in Poland for this company. We're looking forward to good cooperation with Irizar e-mobility in the future”, says Marek Gancarczyk, MPK Krakow Spokesperson. 

“It's the first time we're implementing our sustainable mobility solutions in a Polish city and it fills us with pride and satisfaction. We hope we can enrich the travel experience of Krakow residents with our electric buses and have a positive impact on their quality of life.”, notes Mikel Irizar, Commercial Manager for Eastern Europe at Irizar e-mobility.

In January of this year, residents of the city got the chance to travel in an Irizar e-mobility electric bus. It was an ie tram that was doing tests in several European cities.

This contract is certainly a step forward for the Irizar Group's positioning strategy for providing sustainable mobility solutions in the European market.

Tudela chooses electric buses from Irizar e-mobility

Tudela has presented its new urban transport service that will enter service over the next year. It will incorporate to its fleet two 12-meter long Irizar ie tram buses, 100% electric and zero emissions.

 During the presentation of the service, the media, members of different groups of the city and citizens who have wanted, have been able to test this modern vehicle with which they will achieve the challenge of zero emissions in urban transport in Tudela.

Irizar e-mobility presents the Irizar ie tram at Euro Bus Expo, from November 1 to 3

Birmingham, 2 November 2022

Those attending the Euro Bus Expo 2022 will have the opportunity to exclusively visit the first right-hand drive Irizar ie tram, purchased by Go Ahead London as part of an order for 20 buses with charging infrastructure.

At stand number A10 Irizar is showing four latest generation vehicles: the new Irizar i6S Efficient, an Irizar i8, an Irizar i4 and the Irizar ietram electric bus. This will be the first time Irizar is showing to the UK market those vehicles focused on efficiency, making the brand a leader in the sustainable mobility sector.

The Irizar i6S Efficient has been recently awarded Sustainable Bus of the year 2023 in the Coach category and the British market has already had the opportunity to discover this new vehicle via a roadshow held throughout the Summer. All the operators expressed their satisfaction with the improvements that the product incorporates, especially with the reduction in the vehicle's fuel consumption. The i6S Efficient on display will be registered as a demonstration coach after the Expo to be trialled by operators.

The Irizar ie tram presented on the fair is one of the 20 buses that Irizar e-mobility will supply to Go Ahead London, together with the charging infrastructure to electrify route 358 in south London, the first ultra-fast opportunity charging route in the capital.

In addition, Irizar will also have on the stand the first light weighted Irizar i4 with 71 seats and PSVAR compliance; and the first mirrorless Irizar i8, 14 metres long, with a seating capacity of 50 seats and delivered ready for conversion to Premiership football duties with Ellisons Travel of St Helens. The Irizar i8 remains a combination of design, technology and sustainability and it provides exceptional comfort for the driver, guide and passengers. With the most advanced technology on the market, the Irizar i8 is chosen, since its launch, by sporting giants and coaching legends.

After two difficult pandemic years, Irizar is coming to Birmingham with the clear goal of tackling the new challenges of the future of mobility and with the invariable goal of responding to the challenges of efficiency and sustainability that these times require of us.


Irizar e-mobility to electrify the first route in London using ultra-fast opportunity charging buses

Aduna, 27 October 2022

Irizar e-mobility and Go Ahead London have signed a contract to supply 20 buses and related charging infrastructure to electrify route 358 in south London, the first ultra-fast opportunity charging route in the capital.

Go Ahead, London's largest bus operator, has once again placed its trust in Irizar's e-mobility solutions and signed a contract for the purchase of twenty electric buses and supporting  charging infrastructure. Two 450kW ultra-fast chargers for the route terminals and 100kW depot chargers capable of charging two buses simultaneous at 50kW for the bus garage will be supplied by Jema Energy (a subsidiary company of the Irizar Group). 

The model chosen, due to its visually appealing, modern design, is the 12-metre Irizar ie tram, the first to be manufactured with right-hand drive and the first to be launched in the UK. Its zero emissions, low noise and vibration levels, enhanced safety features and easy access, make it particularly suitable for use in a city like London.

The buses will be powered by state-of-the-art batteries manufactured by the Irizar Group and will be charged between trips using two fast charging inverted pantograph systems to be installed at Crystal Palace and Orpington Bus Stations, allowing the buses to be charged in less than five minutes and enabling them to perform the required service effortlessly. After finishing the route, the buses will receive a short top up using the depot based chargers.

The Irizar ie tram, with its stylish tram-like design, stands out from other buses by combining high capacity, easy access and plenty of passenger space inside with the versatility of a city bus. The bus's passenger compartment is bright, comfortable, spacious, pleasant and safe.

Its innovative features and the level of passive safety for passengers and pedestrians are the key factors that led the operator to choose this vehicle, along with the fact that the Irizar ie tram's front end design meets Transport for London’s 2024 Bus Safety Standards in terms of front end pedestrian  protection. 

Irizar's zero-emission e-mobility buses, scheduled for delivery from late 2022, will run along route 358 between Crystal Palace and Orpington.

"We are delighted that Go Ahead, London largest bus operator, has chosen our technology; this is a clear testament to the confidence placed in our products and proof of their quality and reliability. London is investing heavily in sustainable public transport solutions and we are honoured for Irizar e-mobility to play a part in this goal. Our technological race continues, and this operation will see our company launching the first super-fast charging route in London, complying with the high standards set by Transport for London", stated Iñigo Etxeberria, Managing Director of Irizar e-mobility.

Those attending the Euro Bus Expo show in Birmingham will have the opportunity to exclusively view the first bus, which will be on display at stand A10 on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November. Coaches from the Irizar range and other Irizar Group technology will also be on display at the exhibition. 

This new contract is once again evidence of Irizar Group technological, innovative strength, reaffirming its intention to position itself as leader in urban mobility and shows the company´s firm commitment to improving sustainability and environmental standards in cities.

Irizar e-mobility Attends the Next Mobility Exhibition Fair in Milan

Milan, 12 October 2022

Irizar e-mobility is presenting their latest advances and innovations in electromobility at the Next Mobility Exhibition fair held on 12, 13, 14 October in Milan, Italy.

Two vehicles from the Irizar Group's line of sustainable buses, a 12.16 metre long Irizar ie tram and a 12.75 metre Irizar i3le hybrid, can be seen at their 330 m2 stand (no. D38E49 - Hall 6).

The Irizar ie tram stands out for being a cutting edge environmentally friendly vehicle. The ie tram being shown at the fair is equipped with latest generation 430 kWh Irizar batteries and it has a 240 kW traction motor. It has three doors, 22 seats for passengers (four for PRM), two areas for wheelchairs and prams, an accessibility ramp and it can hold up to 74 passengers. Even though with this unit charging is done by slow charging in the garage with a combo 2 cable, Irizar's zero-emissions buses can also be charged using a pantograph (inverted or roof mounted). Their futuristic design, high degree of personalisation, high capacity, ease of access and comfort are among their great virtues. It is a 100% electric zero-emissions bus whose vocation is to enrich passenger experience. This model of bus is available in 12 and 18 metres and includes Irizar Group technology in its charging, drive and energy storage systems.

The Irizar i3le hybrid model is a low entry vehicle whose main characteristics are its functionality and accessibility. The unit being shown is a body on a Scania full-hybrid chassis with a 9 litre 320 CV diesel engine, a 12 speed Scania Opticruise gearbox and a 130 kW electric motor between the diesel engine and the gearbox. The powerful electric motor integrated into the transmission provides a range up to 3 Kms in electric mode and up to 30% fuel savings. This model is available in lengths from 10.95 to 15 metres and it has different configurations and locations for the doors (single or double), and for (manual or automatic) PRM ramps in the front or central door. The Irizar i3le is suitable for multiple layouts to meet the requirements of the service being offered and maximise the number of seated and standing passengers.

The destiny of these two silent and environmentally friendly buses is to become a key element in sustainable collective mobility, because they contribute to considerably reducing environmental impact and improving the quality of life for people.

During the press conference today at their stand the General Director of Irizar e-mobility, Iñigo Etxeberria, commented that “The electromobility market keeps evolving in giant steps and the growth prospects we have for the coming months are very positive.  Our zero-emissions buses continue being very well received in the European market.” he noted. And he mentioned a few of the most significant recent contracts the company has been awarded in cities like Paris, Madrid, London, Strasbourg, Burgas, Berne and Zaragoza, among others. In regards to the Italian market, the General Director of Irizar e-mobility said, “Italy is an important and strategic market for us. It's a market where electromobility will see large growth in coming years.  Our experience in supplying zero-emissions transportation systems fits perfectly into the direction the country is taking.” Etxeberria ended his speech saying, “We keep working on increasing the efficiency and automation of our vehicles, on new battery developments, and on implementing new safety standards.”

Irizar, a leader in Italy

Irizar's presence in Italy dates back to 1993, the year when the company started operations in the Northern Mediterranean country. The range of products Irizar Italia provides is wide and one of the most complete on the market. It includes a generation of high-technology buses for the Premium segment, intercity buses, class II models with hybrid or biodiesel technology and zero-emissions class I electric urban buses. They also have an after-sales network that provides service throughout the entire country.

About Irizar e-mobility

Irizar e-mobility is the electromobility company that belongs to the Irizar Group. Scarcely 20 kilometres from San Sebastian in Aduna is where Irizar e-mobility manufactures 100% electric zero-emissions urban vehicles that include their own battery systems and charging infrastructure and fleet management digitalization. All of that is developed with Irizar Group technology and with collaboration of the network of local technology centres, which contributes to future employment and wealth in the territory.

About the Irizar Group

Irizar is a business group with an international presence whose business is focussed on the passenger transport, electromobility, electronics, electric motors and generators, connectivity and energy sectors.

The Irizar Group consists of seven companies (Irizar, Irizar e-mobility, Alconza, Datik, Hispacold, Masats and Jema) with production operations in 13 production plants in Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa in addition to their own R&D centre whose purpose is applied research and technological development of products and systems for the Group.

Irizar, S. Coop is the parent company of the Group and its central headquarters is located in Ormaiztegi (Guipúzcoa, Spain) where Creatio, the Group's Research and Development Centre, is also located.

Founded in 1889, today, the Irizar Group is a well-established Group. It employs more than 3500 people and is geographically and industrially diversified, continuously growing and firmly committed to the brand, technology and sustainability