The Irizar ie truck enters the European market

Aduna, 11 June 2021

A new Irizar electric truck for Switzerland will be added to the mass production of the 10 units announced last week.

Irizar e-mobility will produce a new electric truck that will be added to the mass production announced last week. This vehicle, fruit of the agreement reached with Jebsen & Jessen Industrial Solutions, will be the first to be launched in Europe, specifically in Switzerland.

It is a 100% electric truck with a 6x2 three axle chassis configuration. It will be equipped with Irizar ion-lithium batteries with 340 kWh capacity. It will be charged by means of a Combo 2 charging point in 3.5 hours using a Jema Energy (Irizar Group company) model charger, also supplied by Irizar e-mobility. And the truck will have load capacity of up to 27 tons. It is a vehicle that may be used in unlimited applications, for either waste collection and urban distribution.

The energy efficiency, safety, accessibility, versatility, and environmental benefits are some of the most significant attributes defining this vehicle.

The Irizar ie truck is 100% electric, silent and environmentally friendly truck, developed jointly with FCC Medio Ambiente, a company that has been providing urban services for more than 110 years. It responds to the different market needs and allows circulating in cities and urban environments without generating atmospheric or acoustic contamination which means cleaner cities and more sustainable environments for all citizens.

Equipped with technology developed by Irizar Group, the ie truck, has an electronic stability program (ESP), adaptive levelling suspension and advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) for optimal operational safety. Also there is an integrated camera and frontal radar sensor for the lane departure warning system (LDWS).

Its low height cab is accessible via a single 370 mm step, which provides safe transit for drivers and passengers. We have designed a pneumatic inward swinging door, which enables worker access regardless of any obstacles in the streets. This door integrates anti-trapping sensors, a photocell and sensitive edge on the door, to avoid any type of unforeseen circumstance in the most accelerated applications. The cabin has passenger seats that can be folded, so they can be put away to clear the aisle from obstacles.

The ie truck has unsurpassed direct vision due to the low position of the seat and wide front, side, and door windows. Furthermore, instead of rear-view mirrors, they are fitted with two digital cameras that project images onto screens in the driving position, for optimal driver visibility. 

Undoubtedly Irizar ie truck is more evidence of the Irizar Group capacity for adapting to market needs providing new alternatives to cities with low emission areas, which contributes to the sustainability and to create more habitable cities.

It is worth remembering that Irizar e-mobility it offers its sales and after-sales services for electric buses and charging infrastructures in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets through Jebsen & Jessen Industrial Solutions.

New Irizar electric buses added to the TMB fleet

Aduna, 09 June 2021

Nine Irizar zero-emission electric buses will start to operate shortly in the city of Barcelona on line H16 (Pg. Zona Franca - Fòrum Campus Besòs). These units are in addition to the four Irizar buses that have been operating in the City since 2019. 

The presentation ceremony took place today on Avenida Reina María Cristina in Barcelona, attended by the Mayor of Barcelona and President of the AMB, Ada Colau, the  Deputy Head of the Government and Minister for Digital Policy and Territory of the Generalitat of Catalunya, Jordi Puigneró, the chair of Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), Rosa Alarcón, together with representatives of Irizar e-mobility.

These 18 metre Irizar ie tram model vehicles have 4 doors, 36 seats, 1 driver's seat, an area for wheelchairs and an area for pushchairs. The vehicles are propelled by a 236 kW Alconza engine (Alconza is an Irizar Group company) and powered by Irizar lithium ion batteries. They take four minutes, during service, to charge, using ultra-rapid pantograph fast charging infrastructure installed at two points in the city. 

The vehicles are equipped with driving assistance systems, ensuring safer and more efficient driving. Furthermore, instead of rear-view mirrors, they are fitted with two digital cameras that project images onto screens in the driving area, for optimal driver visibility.  For entertainment purposes, each vehicle has USB ports on the handrails for phone charging and Wi-Fi for passengers.

Barcelona City Council has ambitious sustainability targets.  At Irizar e-mobility we are proud to be able to contribute to these targets. With environmentally-friendly vehicles, decarbonisation and the quality of life of the residents of Barcelona will improve.

This new order is yet another display of Irizar e-mobility’s ability to adapt solutions to the specific needs of each operator and to provide turnkey solutions for sustainable, efficient, smart, affordable, safe and connected public transport.

FCC Medio Ambiente and Irizar agree to produce the first 10 Irizar ie urban electric trucks

Aduna, 3 June 2021

FCC Medio Ambiente and Irizar agree to start mass production of the first 10 Irizar ie urban electric trucks to be used for collection of residues. The excellent results of the tests conducted in different European cities and the satisfaction of the operators have resulted in this decision.

Mass production of these 10 units includes 4x2 and 6x2 of two and three-axle versions and is the definite impulse to contribute to the implantation of feasible e-mobility of urban service vehicles in metropolitan areas, with an enormous environmentally positive impact regarding contaminating emissions and noise, reduction of the carbon footprint and energy efficiency.

This success is a true reflection of the collaboration over the last years between FCC Medio Ambiente an Irizar, where for FCC it is a consequence of its commitment to innovation and for improving the environment in cities where it offers it services, and for which Irizar has shown to be the best technology partner.

The Irizar ie urban truck is 100% electric, zero emissions responding to the different market needs and allowing to circulate in cities and urban areas with a drastic reduction of noise, emissions, contamination, and CO2, and 50% less energy consumption than a conventional vehicle, which makes it ideal to perform work early in the morning or at night as well as having access to low emission areas of cities.

It incorporates in-house technology developed by the Irizar Group companies regarding electrical traction, energy storage, and control electronics, combined with more than 100 years’ experience of FCC Medio Ambiente regarding the real needs of municipal services.

The design, functionality, and accessibility are some of the attributes that make it unique on the market, a vehicle with cutting edge aesthetics, attractive, and accessible.

Access to the cabin is by a single accessible 370 mm stairway, which makes it the vehicle with lowest access height on the current market, and in turn ensures safe transport for the driver and any companions. 

Comfort, safety, optimal field of vision and the ergonomic reach to all controls and dashboard screen have been essential for developing the position of the driver. 

It is worth remembering that the ie urban truck was presented in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Congress SUM in Bilbao in 2019 and the first prototype was used for residue collection fruit of the collaboration with FCC Medio Ambiente.  It was the winner of the World Smart City Awards in the Innovative Idea category, in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019. It obtained the award in 2019-2020 of the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) in the Product and/or Service category for project Development of High Efficiency, Modular and Self-supporting Electric Traction Vehicular Platforms for Urban Services”. And this year it has been awarded with the Ecological Industrial Vehicle of the Year 2021 in Spain, an award granted by the Editec Group.

We have no doubt at all, that several public administrations are going to commit to more sustainable transport solutions and FCC Medio Ambiente and Irizar are perfectly prepared to make that possible right now.


The T2 Tram’bus line that connects Tarnos to Bayonne was launched today


The T2 Tram'bus line is in operation! After the launch of the T1 Tram'bus line in September 2019, the first 18-metre Irizar ie tram buses of the T2 line started operating on 26 April between Tarnos and the Marracq district in Bayonne.


Bulgaria, the next destination for 44 Irizar zero emissions buses

Aduna, 25 March 2021

Irizar e-mobility is continuing its European expansion and its electromobility solutions are arriving in Bulgaria. Specifically, they are arriving in Burgas, which for the first time will include 44 Irizar ie bus zero emissions electric buses in its fleet. It is the first electromobility project in that city and one of the largest in Bulgaria to date.

Burgas Bus will be in charge of operating the buses. They are a Bulgarian public transport operator that has more than 130 vehicles in their fleet.

The buses that will be provided include two different lengths. There will be thirty-four 12 metre long units and ten 18 metre units. The 12 metre long ie bus will have 3 doors, 26 seats (4 of which are PRM) and a wheelchair area. The 18 metre long bus, on the other hand, will have 4 pneumatic doors, 32 seats (4 of which are PRM) and a wheelchair area.

The vehicles will be equipped with Irizar lithium ion batteries. Irizar e-mobility will also provide 44 interoperable ECI-100 chargers by Jema Energy (an Irizar Group company). The chargers have a 100 kW smart charging system that will charge the vehicles in three hours using a Combo 2 charging outlet.

They will also include telemetry systems by Datik, an Irizar Group company, which the operators can use to monitor and manage their electric vehicle fleet at all times and get the maximum performance out of their operation.

Irizar e-mobility has worked closely with Burgas Bus for this project to give the fleet a modern and attractive design. Aesthetic features of the ie bus and the Irizar ie tram were combined in the design to create a mixed vehicle that maximises the luminosity of the space inside the cabin.

The delivery of the first units is expected to be made in September 2021.

Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria. The firm commitment being made to electrify their fleet of buses is an enormous step forward for the city and it will connect places and visitors in a clean and efficient way.


The First Zero Emissions Autonomous Irizar Bus Is on the Road in Malaga

Aduna, 18 February 2021

The City of Malaga and Avanza put the Irizar brand first high capacity zero emissions autonomous bus into service.

It's a 100% electric zero emissions 12 metre long Irizar ie bus and it's a pioneering project because it involves putting a standard size vehicle on the road in a real city traffic situation. 

This first autonomous bus is the outcome of the AutoMOST Project financed by CDTI through the CIEN programme. Avanza participated as an operator alongside 11 partners, which included the Irizar Group through Irizar e-mobility and Datik. The Polytechnic University of Madrid, Insia, CEIT-IK4 and the University of Vigo also participated. It's a pilot R&D project that started four years ago and finished this year, in 2021, meeting the projected deadline.

The pioneering project has two characteristics that make it a breakthrough, which are its capacity to transport passengers and its interaction with vehicles, pedestrians and infrastructure under real conditions in the city of Malaga.

The bus will use a high-precision positioning and guidance system and will be connected to a control centre from which specific instructions can be sent to each unit and the buses can be monitored and their itineraries accessed in real time.

AutoMOST has recently been awarded the Industrial Design Award in ITS by the Spanish chapter of the Intelligent Transport Systems Society (ITSS).  AutoMOST will be the implementation of (Dual Mode) shared control systems for future automated vehicles that enables operating services more efficiently and with more flexibility in a context of intelligent and connected infrastructure.

Malaga has thus become the first European city to have an autonomous bus on its streets.

This is an enormous step towards the transport of the future - sustainable, connected, safe and autonomous transport - where Irizar will be a key player in the transformation.

The first charging station for electric vehicles using second life batteries from Irizar e-mobility is in service

Aduna, 10 February 2021

  • The charging station for electric vehicles that uses energy storage based in second life batteries from Irizar e-mobility is up and running.
  • This charging point for electric vehicles is the first one in Spain that uses energy storage based in second life batteries and it has been developed by Repsol and Ibil.

The charging point has been installed in a Repsol service station on the N-I road where it goes through the city of Tolosa in Gipuzkoa.

Irizar e-mobility and Ibil, pioneering companies in the development of electric mobility, signed a collaboration agreement to give a second life to electric bus batteries. Consequently, the batteries that Irizar produces and installs in its buses, and their power electronics, will be reused as energy storage elements in the charging facilities that Ibil is developing and deploying for Repsol service stations and others.

One of the first results of that collaboration has been installing and commissioning the first 50 kW charging station for electric vehicles with an energy storage system based on second-life batteries from Irizar e-mobility. Ingeteam, Cidetec and Gureak also collaborated on the project. The latter company employs people with disabilities from Gipuzkoa and they carried out the entire industrial assembly of the storage module. The project also had support from the Basque government and the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa through the Hazitek and SmartMobility Industry R&D programmes, respectively.

This technological and industrial development simplifies and facilitates the installation of 50 kW charging points in locations that do not have enough electrical power or where the cost of investment in the grid makes other alternatives unfeasible.

These are the main advantages this project provides:

  • It makes it possible to install quick charging points (50 kW) in places where it would otherwise not be feasible because of a lack of sufficient electrical power or where, even if it is viable, the technical difficulties of connecting to the grid would require an excessive increase in investment.
  • The power of the grid needed to provide services is reduced by 70%. A 50 kW quick charging point can thus be put into operation using only a 15 kW grid connection.
  • It can be installed almost anywhere because of the small footprint of the storage module, which is less than a square metre.
  • Infrastructure operating costs can be lowered significantly, by up to 50% primarily due to needing a lower power service.
  • It provides a second life to electric bus batteries and promotes sustainability and the circular economy.

The technical difficulties of installations in places where installing electric charging points is ideal in terms of mobility, like service stations, can be overcome with an innovative solution that provides autonomy and efficiency to the charging system and it also integrates with local distributed generation and self-consumption.

Installing this charging station is another step forwards in Irizar e-mobility's commitment to the circular economy. Deeply committed to the environment and sustainability, their goal is to shift to a business model based on making the best use of resources and reducing the use of raw materials.

About Irizar e-mobility

It is the first European electromobility plant where 100% electric zero-emissions short range buses and trucks and charging infrastructures are manufactured. Irizar e-mobility also manufactures and develops its own batteries.

The current line of vehicles includes three models, the Irizar ie bus, Irizar ie tram and Irizar ie truck.

Their electric vehicles have been on the road since 2014 in several European cities.

Irizar e-mobility is entirely committed to the environment and wants to contribute to the energy transition. They have invested in the largest solar farm in the Basque Country so they can use the solar energy generated there for manufacturing their vehicles and thus minimise their environmental impact.

Irizar e-mobility will deliver eight electric buses to Hamburg

Aduna, 4 February 2021

The Hamburg operator Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH (VHH) acquires eight zero-emission buses of the Irizar ie bus model adding to existing orders from ICB Frankfurt and Rheinbahn Düsseldorf.

This is the first contract that Irizar e-mobility has signed with northern Germany, through its distributor Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions. With this new order, Irizar e-mobility continues expanding its electromobility solutions in Germany.

The 12-metre-long vehicles are equipped with 3 doors, 30 seats (4 of which are for PRM) and 1 wheelchair area. They will be charged at night by slow charging (150 kW). This bus will have two charging locations installed on both the left and right sides of the front axle. The batteries that are installed in the buses as well as their main components and systems are developed and manufactured by the Irizar Group.

The vehicles will be delivered during the first quarter of 2022.

Irizar e-mobility offers sales and after-sales services for electric buses as well as charging infrastructures in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets through its distributor Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions.

Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH (VHH) is the second largest local transport company in northern Germany, with around 2,100 employees and 677 buses, operating in 155 bus lines. VHH currently transports about 106.6 million passengers per year.

Irizar ie bus wins the Bus of the Year 2021 award

Aduna, 15 January 2021

Irizar e-mobility starts the year with two new awards. On Wednesday we announced that the Irizar ie truck has won the Ecological Industrial Vehicle of the Year 2021. And today we were proud to receive a new recognition: the new generation 12-metre Irizar ie bus has earned the Bus of the Year 2021 award in Spain.

This is the third time that the Grupo Editec (the publisher of the magazines Viajeros and Transporte 3) and the jury, representing urban transport operators, have awarded this prize to Irizar e-mobility vehicles.  In 2015, i2e, as it was known at that time, obtained this recognition and three years later, in 2018, the Irizar ie tram won the award.

“To start the year by winning these two awards fills us with pride and satisfaction”, says Imanol Rego, General Manager of Irizar e-mobility. "This recognition is the result of the commitment we have made in recent years to technology, innovation and sustainability in all kinds of applications."

This bus model has been operating since 2014 in different European cities such as Madrid, London, Marseille, Genoa and Luxembourg, among others. The experience and data obtained in recent years demonstrate the reliability and safety of this vehicle.

About the Irizar ie bus

The new generation of the 12-metre Irizar ie bus was presented for the first time at the Busworld 2019 trade fair.  A 100% electric, zero-emissions bus that offers a sustainable and eco-efficient urban mobility solution to respond to the current and future needs of city transport.

In addition to its attractive aesthetic design, this new generation, available in 10, 12, 15 and 18 metre versions, incorporates innovations and new batteries. The space has been optimized thus offering greater passenger capacity and greater modularity.

A new generation of more efficient batteries is combined with a regenerative braking system, which reduce consumption and offer greater vehicle range.

The new Irizar ie bus can have up to five interoperable slow charging point positions using a combo 2 connector.

Slow charging the vehicle takes 3 hours.  There is also the option of fast charging via pantograph.

The charging capacity can vary from 50 kW to 600 kW.

The new generation of the Irizar ie bus can be certified in Class 2.

The Irizar ie truck, Ecological Industrial Vehicle of the year 2021 in Spain

Aduna, 13 January 2021

The 100% electric Irizar ie truck has won a new award, becoming the Ecological Industrial Vehicle of the Year 2021 in Spain, an award given by Grupo Editec (the publisher of the magazines Transporte 3 and Viajeros).

The jury, fifty business people in the goods and passenger transport sector, decided to award this recognition to the Irizar ie truck.

This prize is therefore added to those obtained in 2019 and 2020, where the Irizar ie truck, a versatile and multifunctional electric chassis-platform developed jointly with FCC Medio Ambiente, was the winner of the World Smart City Awards in the Innovative Idea category, as part of the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 and the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) in the Product and / or Service category.

This is the third time that Irizar e-mobility vehicles have been nominated Ecological Industrial Vehicle of the Year. In 2016 the i2e electric bus won the award. Two years later, in 2018, the Irizar ie tram won the prize and this year the Irizar ie truck received the recognition.

In the words of Imanol Rego, General Manager of Irizar e-mobility “This award is a recognition of our efforts towards innovation in electromobility in urban / metropolitan environments.  We are very proud that we have found the solution enabling us to contribute to drastic reductions in noise, pollutants and CO2 emissions”.

The Ecological Industrial Vehicle of the Year is a mixed category of the National Transport Awards covering both passenger and freight models.

The Irizar ie truck

The Irizar ie truck is a 100% electrical truck which responds to different market needs and enables it to move around cities and urban environments without atmospheric or acoustic pollution. The result is a cleaner city and more sustainable environment for citizens.

The design, an indisputable icon of all Irizar brand products, is one of the main attributes of this truck, making it an attractive and accessible vehicle with unconventional aesthetics.

It incorporates the Group's electric traction, energy storage and control electronics technologies.

As an environmentally friendly vehicle, it is able to access low-emissions zones in cities. Due to its low noise level, it can operate early in the morning or at night.

Accessibility and safety

The cab is accessed via a single accessible step, which provides safe transit for drivers and passengers. With a 370 mm step, the ie truck has the lowest access height currently on the market.

Comfort and safety have been prioritised in the development of the driver's position, with a guaranteed optimal field of vision, as well as the placement of all controls, buttons and the dashboard display within ergonomic reach of the driver.

Exclusive design for cities

Both the chassis and the cab are designed by Irizar which offers great integration flexibility.

It is a vehicle that may be used in unlimited applications, both for waste collection and urban distribution.

The Irizar ie truck withstands loads of up to 18 tonnes.

It can be accommodate all types of bodywork currently available with hardly any adaptation.

First application, waste collection

The first ie truck is used for waste collection, as the result of collaboration with FCC Medio Ambiente. The unit has undergone several months of successful tests in several Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona, Badajoz, Zaragoza and Vigo. 

The Irizar chassis, an 8-metre long 6 × 2 version, has a load capacity of 18 tonnes.

It incorporates a CNG range extender which allows it to operate in electric mode in cities and the possibility of increasing its autonomy with a CNG natural gas engine.

49 new 100% electric Irizar buses will gradually join the CTS Strasbourg fleet over the course of the year

13 January 2021

Since Monday 11th January, ten 100% electric zero-emission Irizar ie buses have been in service on line 10. Fifteen more will join the eurometropolitan network in February and twenty-four vehicles of this model will be delivered in May.

These new 12-metre vehicles have 3 doors, two of which are “Metro” type, 23 seats (4 for disabled passengers) and 2 spaces for wheelchairs, plus an electric ramp to facilitate access. 

They will have an AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) that complies with the R138 standard.

The batteries installed in the vehicles are developed and manufactured at Irizar e-mobility. The electronics and communications and their main components and systems are also developed by the Irizar Group.

The first Irizar ie bus 12 meter buses are now being put into service in Düsseldorf

4 January 2021

Rheinbahn, Düsseldorf has ordered ten Irizar brand 100% electric, zero emission buses.

The first four buses will operate on line 726, which connects Volmerswerth with Carlstadt. The other buses are expected to be put into service on Line 833 between Oberkassel and Neuss in early 2021.