29 Irizar e-mobility buses for the roll-out of a fully electric public transport system in Orleans

Aduna, 24 April, 2020

Orleans Métropole (France) has selected Irizar e-mobility for the supply of 29 Irizar ie tram zero emissions electric buses.

This agreement is part of the Orléans Métropole strategy for the power conversion of its bus fleet and the supply of a fully electric public transport system in its territory by 2025. The buses are 12 metres long and they have a range of 220 km. They are fitted with technology developed by the Irizar Group in electronics, communications and the main components and systems.  The batteries are also proprietary technology and meet the latest European rules on electrical, thermal and mechanical safety: R100.v2, R10.v5 and UN38.3. The delivery of the first units is planned for mid-2021. In order to optimize the operation of the vehicles, in this case, by the operator Keolis Métropole Orléans, Irizar provides the guarantee of an exclusive, high-quality after sales service, managed by technical experts and locally contracted people, which contributes to the wealth creation and the generation of local employment. Irizar e-mobility is fully committed to the environment and is seeking to contribute to this energy transition. It has invested in the largest solar photovoltaic farm in the Basque Country, with the aim of using the photovoltaic power that it generates to manufacture its buses, thus minimizing its environmental impact. It also offers a second life for its batteries for reuse of the batteries, at the end of their life-cycle in the buses, as storage components in recharging stations for electric vehicles in different service stations. This new contract consolidates Irizar’s presence in France, where it set up three BRT projects last year, in Amiens, Aix-en-Provence and Bayonne.  The cities of Marseille and Le Havre also have Irizar e-mobility electric vehicles. Irizar is continuing with its strategy of offering turnkey solutions and services which, without doubt, contribute added value in terms of efficiency, profitability, safety and sustainability.