By your side: For a safer, more efficient and sustainable future

Rimini 14 October 2020

In a situation of crisis and major uncertainty for the mobility sector generally and public transport in particular, at Irizar we have decided to attend the IBE trade fair with a 650 m2 stand, with the main aim of standing side by side with our customers and displaying the high added value of this sector to the economy and society. 

Today more than ever we need to unite to face the challenges of the future together from a position of joint responsibility, all pulling in the same direction, authorities, institutions, operators and manufacturers.

At Irizar, we will keep developing innovative solutions that can pave the way for the reactivation and recovery of the industry. Our goal is to continue to make public road transport safer, more efficient and sustainable and to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions, noise pollution and accident rates.

Latest generation of buses and coaches on the stand

The Irizar stand has the latest generation of efficient smart buses and coaches, represented by a 12m long integral Irizar i8, a 12m long integral Irizar i6S with a lift for people with reduced mobility, an Irizar i6 on a Scania chassis and the first iebus, a 100% zero-emission Irizar brand electric bus that is arriving in Italy. Specifically, the first unit is inteended for the city of Genoa, a 10.8m bus (see technical sheets).

Irizar Italy offers a wide range of products (diesel, biodiesel (HVO, B199) CNG-LNG), one of the most comprehensive on the market, which includes a generation of high tech buses for the Premium sector, class II intercity buses with hybrid or biodiesel technology and class I zero emissions electric urban buses. A catalogue of products intended to provide our customers with something more in terms of safety, reliability, sustainability, technology and profitability, covering all areas of public transport, as well as private, urban, intercity and long-distance transport, and positioning ourselves at the forefront of the mobility market.

Irizar's first zero-emission electric bus in Italy

The zero-emission electric bus displayed on the stand belongs to the customer AMT Genova of the city of Genoa and is the first electric unit of the fourteen zero-emission Irizar brand buses to disembark in Italy.  

This is the 10.8m Irizar ie bus model. It has 3 doors, 20 seats, 1 driver's seat, 1 wheelchair / pushchair space and capacity for 76 people. The vehicle is fitted with lithium-ion batteries, developed in-house at the Irizar e-mobility plant in Aduna (Guipúzcoa), offering capacity of 350 kWh. It is a vehicle developed and manufactured with proprietary technology.

Irizar Italy is already set up to supply the full range of 100% zero-emission electric buses within its electromobility line.

Irizar's strategy includes commissioning an exclusive, high-quality after-sales service in the city of Genoa, to be managed by expert technicians and local staff, thus contributing to the creation of wealth and local employment.

The current range of Irizar e-mobility vehicles includes three models: Irizar ie bus, Irizar ie tram, and Irizar ie truck.


For a safer, more efficient and sustainable future

We have a wide variety of innovative anti-Covid-19 solutions, smart cameras with temperature measurement for access control, passenger compartment partition screens for driver protection and partition panels in passenger seats, as well as air purifiers inside the vehicle and automatic vehicle disinfection solutions. More than 4,000 Irizar buses and coaches offer these solutions that meet with the necessary safety and hygiene standards and thus help to prevent the spread of the virus. 

We are continuing to advance and invest in the creation of different technologies in order to provide pioneering solutions to different future transport needs worldwide Reducing the impact of our vehicle emissions and eliminating greenhouse gasses and noise emissions is our priority.

Our latest generation vehicles offer improvements in  aerodynamics, fuel consumption, handling, weight distribution and reduction and noise and vibration minimisation resulting in lower repair and maintenance costs. They incorporate smart technologies which deliver improvements in safety and comfort.  

Everything is geared towards building a safer and more sustainable world, in which public transport plays a key role.