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Inauguration of the first European electromobility plant

Inauguration of the first European electromobility plant

With an investment of 75 million euros, a gross floor area of 18,000 m2 and set on a plot of almost 4 hectares, today sees the inauguration of Irizar e-mobility's plant, the first European electromobility plant, located in the town of Aduna, Gipuzkoa.

The plant will not only manufacture electric buses, but also other types of industrial vehicles that complement the electromobility needs of cities. The new plant, which has an initial capacity to produce 1000 vehicles per year, will manufacture the vehicles and their main components and systems.

At the start of production, the plant was producing one bus every three days, and is currently producing one bus every two days.

Due to the existing order book, production will double in the month of September to one bus per day.

Innovative elements and cutting-edge solutions have been used in the construction of this new Irizar e-mobility plant, with a special emphasis on those concepts that define eco-sustainability such as the superflat floor without contraction joints; induction welded sheet roofing; LED lighting of both the inside and outside of the building; centralised control of the building's facilities as well as the production process facilities (lighting, air conditioning, heating, pneumatics, paint booths...); management of rooms with touch controls...

It includes a warehouse and domestic hot water heating system that works by using the surplus steam from a company located in the adjoining plot.

The plant has its own test tracks and test benches in order to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of the equipment and to check the technology that is incorporated into the vehicles, as well as their components and systems.

These features have earned the plant a class A energy efficiency certificate, the highest currently available in Europe.

An innovative and state-of-the-art plant which is open to knowledge and talent

It is also worth highlighting some aspects relating to wealth and job creation. The first 150 jobs have already been created. This number will increase to 200 this year and is forecast to reach between 300 and 500 new jobs in the next five years.

Another very important aspect is the programme to attract knowledge and talent in order to increase our capacity for innovation and the creation of technology to solve future challenges. The average age of the company's technicians, people who are committed to and passionate about large-scale projects that are going to transform mobility, is around 26.

Pioneering Irizar Group Technology

Irizar e-mobility's product range, its buses and zero-emissions electric vehicles, are developed using Group technology; cutting-edge, reliable, European technology, with an advanced design that integrates pioneering technical contributions in the sector produced in collaboration with the most prestigious research and development centres in Europe.

These technologies comply with all European regulations and have been thoroughly tested in Irizar's laboratories and test benches as well as in vehicles that have been operating in cities since 2014.

The Irizar Group is currently actively involved in major European projects for the future electrification of cities and public passenger transport. This international dimension can be seen in projects such as autonomous driving, improvements in energy storage systems, energy efficiency, standardisation of charging systems, connectivity, big data or artificial intelligence..., which will be essential in the new generation of clean, efficient, fast, standardised, smart and connected transport.

With innovation and Group technology, the intention is to definitively promote mobility in cities by using the bus as the best alternative for mass passenger transport in urban environments and to position Irizar at the forefront of European technology with a 100% electric, zero-emissions city bus.

Irizar e-mobility Turnkey products and services

Irizar e-mobility was founded with the aim of providing comprehensive electric mobility solutions for cities, both in terms of manufacturing 100% electric buses, and in terms of manufacturing and installing the major infrastructure systems necessary for charging, traction and energy storage, all of which have been designed and manufactured using 100% Group technology and come with the Irizar guarantee and service quality.

The operator therefore has the added benefit of having a single point of contact at every stage of the project, including after-sales service, maintenance and repair which are tailored to the customer's needs and include comprehensive vehicle care.

This new plant produces 10.8m and 12m-long city buses that have been operating in various European cities since 2014, 18 m-long articulated buses and will shortly begin producing bi-articulated buses, as well as other electric vehicles.

Irizar e-mobility's vehicle range currently includes three models: Irizar ie bus, Irizar ie tram and Irizar ie truck

Irizar e-mobility also provides advisory services. With the data obtained from Irizar's energy studies on the operator's service routes (operating data, speed, climate, terrain ….), Irizar is able to advise on the amount of energy to load, optimisation strategy, power parameters, charging times and battery life.

Irizar e-mobility carries out predictive and comprehensive maintenance of the vehicle's main systems and components, which is reflected in the impact on life cycle costs, the improvement of vehicle availability or the performance and residual value of the asset. It does so, in essence, by using monitoring tools that are capable of monitoring the vehicle (doors, batteries, air conditioning and heating, pantograph, power train...) and which provide bus availability and reliability statistics, optimise maintenance time and carry out real-time monitoring of the system.

Intelligent technology. We offer profitable and cutting-edge solutions and carry out constant updates to the in-built systems to respond effectively to the challenge of maximising the service life of each vehicle, thereby optimising the value of your assets.

Finally, Irizar e-mobility offers a fleet management system that, in addition to comprehensive fully customisable monitoring of costs and efficiency, can optimise the performance and profitability of each fleet and provide safety while driving.

Irizar ie bus

This bus model is a totally safe, reliable, profitable product, with a tried and tested range and efficiency that also offers operators significant customisation options both in terms of the product and in terms of the comprehensive service and maintenance for the entire service life of the vehicle.

This 12-metre long bus operates with a range between 200 and 220 km at an average speed of 15-17 km/h, guaranteeing between 14 and 16 hours of driving in heavy city and intercity traffic conditions and different weather conditions, tests that confirm the range and efficiency of these vehicles.

Since 2014, more than one hundred zero-emission Irizar buses have been operating at full capacity in various European cities.

The 12m version is now being joined by the 10.8m version and the articulated 18-metre version, all with 100% electric motorisation and zero emissions.

Irizar ie tram

This model is developed in versions from 12m up to the 18m articulated version and with a maximum capacity of 155 people. It is a bus with the appearance of a tram that combines the large capacity, ease of access and internal configuration of a tram with the flexibility of a city bus

The Irizar ie tram offers a clean, minimalist design and all its features correspond to specific functional aspects allowing it to create an identity and an image that are easily recognisable to its users. Accessibility, safety, passenger flow and passenger comfort are the inspiration behind the interior design architecture, resulting in a bright, comfortable, spacious, pleasant and safe interior.

Accessibility and passenger flow are further enhanced by up to 8 sliding doors, the integral low floor, the seating arrangement, the interior distribution with wide aisles, the signage on the seats reserved for wheelchairs and/or pushchairs, the audible stop request information, the installation of ticket validation devices, the design of the driving position and the “kneeling”, with heights of between 250-270 mm, which enables comfortable and effortless access.

For your entertainment, Irizar enables the installation of a wide range of solutions: USB chargers, WiFi, Braille buttons, luggage racks, passenger information, interior vinyls, etc

Irizar ie truck

The global vision of the electrification of cities and the search for synergies with freight infrastructures together with the technological capability created in the Group has allowed us to extend our range of products to industrial vehicles for cities.

This led to the birth of the Irizar ie truck, a truck designed for different industrial uses in cities with a focus on electromobility. It will initially be used for collecting municipal waste.

Similarly to the rest of Irizar's vehicle range, it incorporates systems and components developed with Group technology.

Within the product range, today we are presenting the 6x2 version. It has an electric motor and lithium ion batteries. For more exhaustive applications, the vehicle will have a CNG range extender, technology that will enable it to deal with the interurban uses. The vehicle lengths will be around 8 metres and carrying capacity is around 18Tn.

The ruck vehicle has been fitted with the latest active safety technology and therefore has stability control, adaptive suspension levelling, involuntary lane change warning and emergency braking assistance.

With regard to passive safety, access to the cab is via a single accessible step, which provides safe movement for the driver and his companions and makes it the vehicle with the lowest access height currently on the market.

Furthermore, special emphasis has been devoted to the driver’s position, ergonomic reach of all switches, commands and the dashboard display and certain unsurpassable conditions of his/her field of vision.

The ieTruck has electrical traction, which enables it to move round cities and urban environments generally without causing atmospheric or acoustic pollution. Because its noise level is low, it can operate at night, thus reducing traffic during the hours of greatest congestion.

It incorporates group technologies already used in our electric buses in the aspects of electric traction, energy storage and operating electronics as well as the other systems supplied.

The ieTruck is designed for use both in urban and intercity environments. Thanks to its chassis design, all types of bodywork currently available can be installed with hardly any adaptation. The axles and steering, specifically developed for the application, provide the vehicle with certain major facilities with regard to load capabilities and manoeuvrability.

Systems and Components

In order to give customers the maximum added value by enabling them to deal with a single supplier for vehicles and their main systems, Irizar has developed the major vehicle components using own-brand technology.

IG (Irizar Group) energy storage and management. The Irizar battery system uses a modular concept, designed to meet the needs of any operator. A robust, safe and recyclable system that complies with the latest European regulations: R100, R10 and UN38.3 and also allows easy isolation and fast replacement in the event of an

error in one of the modules, without affecting the operation of the remaining modules.

The batteries incorporate different chemicals depending on how the operator intends to use them.

IG electric motor. Unlike other projects which are constrained by more standardised motors, the motorisation of the vehicles has been developed using own-brand technology that is developed exclusively for our products so that it adapts perfectly to the products’ requirements. The powertrains are manufactured by Alconza and Jema, two companies that belong to the Irizar group.

IG climate control. The Hispacold (Irizar Group) electric climate control system is designed specifically for zero-emission electric vehicles.

IG doors. The vehicles have been equipped with electric or manual ramps developed by Masats, a company belonging to the Irizar Group.

IG Driver assistance system. This system enables safe communication with the driver which helps them to be more efficient, improving their daily work as well as the service provided to the passengers. This Datik (Irizar Group) solution assists the driver when approaching stops, at stops and when pulling out.

Datik Autodock also contributes to performance optimisation, since the braking and starting intervals offer the greatest consumption variability based on the drivers and given that their driving style, their stress level or rushing to finish the service may lead to increased consumption at stops. It also improves safety, comfort and punctuality.

IG charging systems

Jema Energy, a group company with 60 years of experience in the field of industrial power electronics designing robust, reliable, safe and high-performance solutions, offers different charging options in response to the different constraints customers face in terms of power limits, as well as space and operating restrictions.

In-depot charging. The easiest and most traditional way of charging, which involves plugging the bus in, usually overnight while the bus is stopped. Available for use outdoors as well as indoors.

Pantograph charging. Recommended when the vehicle does not have sufficient range to complete the journey and it is necessary to charge vehicles during travel, as well as in the depot. The charging stations are located at strategic points throughout cities, at the end or start of each line, in order to charge or supply several buses or lines.

Intelligent charging system. Control centre that efficiently manages all the charging conditions/restrictions in the depot. The system identifies the different charging requirements of each bus in order to optimise the total power required.

For a better life - To improve the lives of citizens

The vehicles and solutions developed by Irizar e-mobility offer a sustainable and eco-efficient urban mobility solution and respond to the current and future needs of city transport.

Irizar aims to promote the use of efficient, clean and accessible transport which is committed to the environment and the well-being and health of people and which enables the creation of better urban environments.

The technology of electric vehicles enables the elimination of direct emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and toxic substances such as NOx and harmful particulates.

The electric technology makes engine noise disappear, which means there are no exterior sound emissions when stopped and starting (0 dBA).

Irizar Group

Irizar is a business group with an international presence, which is currently involved in six sectors - passenger transport, electromobility, electronics, electric motors and generators, connectivity and energy.

The Irizar Group is comprised of 7 brands (Irizar, Irizar e-mobility, Alconza, Datik, Hispacold, Masats and Jema) that have production operations in 13 production plants in Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa in addition to its own R&D centre.

It is a well-established Group made up of more than 3,300 people, with a commercial presence in the five continents and with a turnover of 620 million euros (2017).

Irizar, S. Coop is the parent company of the Group and its central headquarters is located in Ormaiztegi (Gipuzkoa, Spain) where Creatio, the Group's Research and Development Centre, is also located.

Founded in 1889, today, the Irizar Group is a well-established Group. It is geographically and industrially diversified, continuously growing and firmly committed to the brand, technology and sustainability

Business Areas

Passenger transport

Irizar offers a wide range of coaches and buses ranging from integral coaches and 100% electric buses, to hybrid technology in Class II vehicles for urban and intercity services, as well as conventional coaches.

Components and systems are also being developed within the Group for road and rail passenger transport. Masats is a specialist in accessibility and infrastructure, while Hispacold develops climate technologies, air purifiers and defrosters. Datik develops devices that capture and manage the information generated by vehicles that assists driving, diagnostics and preventive maintenance.


With Irizar e-mobility, the Group provides comprehensive mobility solutions to cities and citizens, including both 100% electric buses and the main infrastructure systems needed for charging, traction and energy storage.

Motors and generators

Development and manufacture of drive or power generation systems for the marine, hydraulic and industrial sectors.


Jema deals with 100% multiplexed electronic architecture that equips every system with intelligence in order to offer new functions, reduce the amount of wiring and facilitate vehicle diagnostics. Also of note are the AEB-LDW driving assistance systems and the HMI control and console.


Jema is mainly involved in the design and manufacture of power supplies and smart grid for the conversion of renewable, solar, wind and hydroelectric power into energy that is suitable for storage and subsequent injection into the grid.


Datik combines intelligent driver assistance systems with a range of optional equipment to offer the driver and passengers an optimal form of mobility. Extensive experience in machine vision and deep-learning enables Datik to

offer fleet management, preventive and predictive maintenance and autonomous driving systems.

In figures

- Founded in 1889 – 129 years of history

- 1 R&D centre

- 7 leading companies in each sector

- More than 3,300 employees

- Financial stability

- 620m euros (estimated turnover in 2017)

- Present in 5 continents

- 13 production centres around the world

Important milestones

2009 Irizar goes from being a coachbuilder to a manufacturer of own-brand coaches

The strategy of industrial diversification is seen as a key factor in strengthening the Group. The incorporation of these companies into the Group strengthens its position and technological capability.

2011 Creation of the electromobility business area.

In 2011, the decision is made to undertake the Irizar 100% electric urban bus for Europe project. This decision is part of the Group's future strategy, which has been committed to sustainability for years.

2012 Irizar selected in the European ZeEUS project

In 2012, the project became the most important pillar of Irizar's commitment to sustainable competitiveness. Irizar was one of the companies selected in the European ZeEUS (Zero Emission Urban Bus System) Project.

2013 Manufacture of the first 100% electric, zero-emissions, 12-metre bus

The first 100% electric, zero-emission Irizar bus undergoes durability testing.

2014 Irizar becomes the first European manufacturer in the sector to deliver two vehicles within the European ZeEUS project.

In 2014, Irizar became the first European manufacturer in the sector to deliver two 100% electric vehicles to Barcelona and delivered the first unit to San Sebastian.

2015 Delivery of the first units to European cities Bus of the Year Award

In 2015, the first units were delivered to London, Marseille and the Barcelona metropolitan area (Mohn, SA) and tests were carried out in various European cities.

The Irizar ie bus is named 2015 Bus of the Year in Spain.

2016 Spain's Environmentally Friendly Industrial Vehicle of the Year Award

The ie bus is named Spain's Environmentally Friendly Industrial Vehicle of the Year. The first 100% electric line is unveiled in the city of Marseille.

In 2016, six units were delivered to Marseille for France's first fully electric line along with other units to San Sebastián and Bilbao. In the same year, the first articulated bus unit was manufactured after spending six months undergoing durability testing at Idiada (Tarragona)

2017 Presentation of the Irizar ie tram

The existing 12-metre long model is joined by the 10.8-metre model and two new versions of the 18-metre articulated bus are launched.

2018 Inauguration of the Irizar e-mobility plant.

2018 begins with two important awards. The Irizar ie tram, Irizar's electric, zero-emissions articulated bus, is named 2018 Spanish Coach of the Year and Environmentally Friendly Industrial Vehicle of the Year.

In May, the new plant is inaugurated and the Irizar ie truck is presented.

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