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Irizar at Busworld

Irizar at Busworld

Brussels, 9 October 2023

Following their strategy of technological innovation and development, the Irizar Group is presenting their multi-technology range of buses and coaches, that includes the new hydrogen Irizar i6S and a strong commitment to the sustainable mobility of the future, at the Busworld International Fair.

At Busworld the Irizar Group is showing their high capacity for innovation and technology by presenting their new Efficient range of sustainable vehicles and a plethora of new technological advances that will be key to the future of mobility and decarbonisation.

At their 1710 m2 stand, number 602 in Hall 6, Irizar e-mobility is showing four latest generation Irizar vehicles: an Irizar i8, an Irizar i6S Efficient, an electric Irizar ie tram electric vehicle and the new hydrogen Irizar i6S Efficient. All the vehicles on display feature important innovations compared to current models in terms of technology, sustainability and fuel costs. We’re presenting the new hydrogen powered vehicle, in addition to a range of new generation vehicles with integral Irizar chassis that are lighter, more comfortable and have a reduction in consumption of up to 5%. They also have the most stringent safety and cybersecurity systems on the market, an improved cockpit with a redesigned dashboard, weight reductions and improvements in consumption and emissions. At Irizar we want to be a key actor in the sustainable mobility of the future. To achieve that, we’re focusing all our efforts on decarbonisation, electrifying cities and reducing the consumption and emissions of our vehicles. We’re sure that the future will be multi-technological, and we’re ready for it.

Irizar Hydrogen i6S Efficient

We’re making the exclusive debut of the first prototype of the Irizar Hydrogen i6S Efficient, the first zero-emissions H2 coach in Europe. It’s a pioneering project and a show of Irizar’s firm commitment to offering a complete range of zero-emissions vehicles for both long and short range. And it’s also a milestone along our path of decarbonising the complete range of vehicles.

This first hydrogen vehicle has been developed exclusively by Irizar, in conjunction with other leading companies and technology centres. It’s currently in a testing phase with a different typology. The accumulation of experience with and knowledge of this technology will be key to shaping the future hydrogen range.

The Irizar Hydrogen i6S Efficient has a range of up to 1000 km and minimal charging times of around 20 minutes. Consequently, the way our clients operate will not be changed, and they can continue their existing routes and schedules. In addition, it can run in 100% electric mode for short times, if required.

The future range of hydrogen vehicles, which currently includes the Irizar i6S Efficient and Irizar i4 models, will have substantial improvements over the first version presented at Busworld, some of the most important of which are a larger baggage compartment, greater passenger capacity, a longer range and lower weight.

The efficiency and high durability of the vehicle’s main components can also be highlighted. The batteries will stay with the vehicle for its entire useful life. And the fuel cell will need maintenance, without replacing components, after around 30,000 hours of operation, depending on the kind of routes and use. 

With this new coach launch, Irizar is back at the technological forefront, on the path to the sustainable mobility of the future, intelligent, connected, zero-emissions and multi-technology mobility.

* For more information see the technical data sheet for the vehicle.

The Irizar i6S Efficient: the most efficient coach in Irizar's history

Since it was launched in May of last year, the Irizar i6S Efficient has become the most efficient coach in Irizar’s history, with up to a 13% reduction in consumption and emissions, a weight reduction of up to 950 kg and an improvement in the aerodynamic coefficient of 30%.

Today, we’re presenting a new generation of Efficient vehicles with an additional consumption reduction of up to 5%, an improvement in weight optimisation and that, furthermore, complies with all the new GSR and cybersecurity regulations. It’s an improved range that has a new cockpit with a new steering wheel, updated keys and a new version of the dashboard with an updated design and the option to select night driving mode. In addition, the digital camera system available for this range provides better visibility under any weather conditions.

In addition to the hydrogen version, the Irizar i6S Efficient is currently available with diesel, biodiesel, natural gas and biofuel technology.

We’re not saying it, our clients are.

The fatigue trials and durability tests done at Idiada, one of the most prestigious applied research institutions in the world, guaranteed their efficiency, reliability and quality.

As of today, a total of around 700 Irizar i6S Efficient units are on the road around the world in the most demanding operating conditions, with notable results in reliability and consumption.

The Irizar i6S Efficient has an especially significant presence in countries like Spain, France and Italy. The important value added by the consumption reduction and innovative design of the new Irizar i6S Efficient are key in Irizar’s geographical expansion in regions like Scandinavia, Germany and the Baltic countries.

* For more information see the technical data sheet for the vehicle.

Irizar i8

The Irizar i8, the brand’s flagship, is still a leader in comfort, design and innovation. The new generation of this model in Europe already has some of the updates of the Efficient range, like the digital camera system, for example.

Today, of all the Irizar i8 vehicles on the road around the world Mexico stands out. The Irizar i8 is the leading vehicle for long-distance VIP services in that country. That is why the new Irizar i8 Efficient will have its worldwide launch in the framework of Expo Foro, which will be held in Mexico City at the end of February.

The new version will include all the improvements of the Efficient range and achieve a significant reduction in consumption and emissions to make the Irizar i8 an even more sustainable vehicle.  This improved version will be launched later in various European markets.

* For more information see the technical data sheet for the vehicle.

100% electric zero-emissions Irizar ie tram

At Irizar e-mobility, we’ve been electrifying cities for more than ten years, implementing complete personalised projects. We keep being leaders in the Spanish market, and we have a clear commitment to keep reinforcing our presence abroad. An electric Irizar ie tram unit is being presented for the first time this year in Mexico. We’re present in 11 European countries. And at the beginning of 2024 we’ll have more than 1000 vehicles on the road in Europe.

With the portfolio of orders nearly full for 2024, and with the first orders for 2025 coming in, we’re already working on the new generation of electric vehicles that will start to be delivered at the end of next year.

The new generation of buses has safety improvements that meet the new GSR2 ADAS regulations, which include cybersecurity for the vehicle.  It also has a renewed generation of batteries with lower consumption and a longer range that improves the energy available at BOL and EOL by 30%. It lets us keep adapting to the needs of the market by expanding our line of batteries. The new drive system, with a lighter and more compact design, reduces weight up to 26% and also includes a new digital HMI that allows maximum personalisation.

* For more information see the technical data sheet for the vehicle.

We’re sustainable, we’re circular

Sustainability, as a fundamental pillar of our strategy for the future, drives us and commits the entire Group to contribute to the construction of a better and more sustainable world. But, Irizar’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the sphere of mobility.

To show our firm commitment, the stand at Busworld also has a space exclusively dedicated to sustainability where we show our commitment to decarbonisation, as well as the complete range of products by Izir, our circular economy brand, created using waste materials from our production.

For the first time, we’re presenting a range of products that have gained a second life through recycling our waste material. They’re products, including backpacks, wallets, laptop cases and a lot more, made by hand in collaboration with various brands and associations within this project, which focuses on inclusive and responsible production.