Irizar e-mobility presents its turnkey electromobility solutions at the Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public fair in Nantes, France

Nantes, 1 October 2019

  • Irizar e-mobility presents its turnkey electromobility solutions at the Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public fair in Nantes, France, Hall 4 - stand No. 19

  • In house energy management and storage solutions

  • Interoperable charging solutions

  • For another year, Irizar e-mobility participates in the 27th edition of the Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public fair, which, this year, is held in the city of Nantes (France), from October 1 to 3.

    With a 300m2 stand, Irizar presents its innovative 12 m zero-emission electric vehicle, the Irizar ie tram model. A vehicle with a minimalist design, fully accessible, safe, and sustainable.

    The area dedicated to the Group's technology presents the manufacturing process of Irizar high-power batteries installed in electric vehicles, as well as the latest developments, such as the Irizar ie truck. 

    Energy management and storage solutions are developed using proprietary technology at the Aduna, Gipuzkoa (Spain) facilities.  Irizar energy management and storage solutions are designed to meet the needs of the current European market and provide the best solutions for all operator requirements.  A robust and safe system that complies with the latest European regulations: R100.v2, R10.v5 and UN38.3.

    Irizar remains firm in its commitment to the French market. And proof of this is the ie tram that is currently operating in cities such as Amiens, Bayonne, and Aix-en-Provence. The latter has been the first to incorporate the 12 m ie tram into its fleet. Since 2016, six Irizar ie buses operate in the city of Marseille.

    France is a strategic country for us. This year, we have launched three BRT projects in Amiens, Aix-en-Provence, and the Basque Country Agglomeration Community; Turnkey projects with 600 kW interoperable fast-charging stations and in-depot smart chargers, adds Hector Olabegogeaskoetxea, Managing Director of Irizar e-mobility.

    The Irizar ie 12 m tram (BRT) in operation in Aix-en-Provence

    On September 2, 16 12-meter Irizar ie tram buses were put into operation in the French city of Aix-en-Provence. 

    These rapid transit buses (BRT) connect, in less than 30 minutes, a distance of 7.2 km, the western and southern districts of the city, making stops at 19 stations. The charging of these vehicles is carried out in 4 minutes via pantograph through fast charging stations located at the beginning and end of each line, and in-depot smart charging overnight.

    The Bayonne BRT project is underway 

    Additionally, on September 2, ten 18-metre Irizar ie tram model 100% zero-emission electric buses were put into operation in the Basque Country Agglomeration Community. Specifically, on the T1 line with a total of 12 km and linking Bayonne with the centre of Biarritz in 30 minutes.

    This project includes the installation of two ultra-fast charging stations via Irizar pantograph in Biarritz and Bayonne that will charge vehicles in 4 minutes and in-depot smart charging stations for overnight charging.

    Beginning in 2020, an additional eight 18 m Irizar ie tram units will be added to the fleet to service the T2 line that will operate between Bayonne and Tarnos.

    Europe's largest electric BRT fleet in operation with interoperable fast-charging in Amiens

    The ambitious project of the new Ametis BRT service lines is underway in the city of Amiens with 43 Irizar ie tram model zero-emission electric buses and charging infrastructures, developed and supplied by the Irizar Group.

    The electric buses operate on three of the four new Nemo lines. These BRT lines (Bus Rapid Transit) ensure service from four in the morning until midnight, with a frequency of 8-10 minutes and are charged en route in 4 minutes via six fast-charging pantograph infrastructures installed at different points of the city. For over-night charging, an additional 43 smart chargers have been installed in the new Rivery depots.

    A leader in after sales service

    The after sales service is managed by people hired locally, which has generated wealth and employment in France. Currently, it is possible to locate an approved Irizar warranty workshop in all places where its vehicles operate.

    The Irizar Group continues to achieve success in European markets.

    The Irizar Group has signed a contract with the operator Rheinbahn in Düsseldorf (Germany) for the supply of 10 Irizar ie model 12-meter zero-emission electric buses. It is one of the largest electric bus tenders in Germany of the last 12 months.

    The city of Schaffhausen in Switzerland also relied on Irizar for the supply of the electric bus system for its city; a unique project in Switzerland and in Europe since the energy needed for the charging stations will be generated in the Rhine river as it passes through Shaffhausen.

    These contracts are followed by agreements signed in Madrid and in Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain.

    EMT Madrid once again relies on Irizar e-mobility and, after the addition of 15 buses to its fleet last year, signs an agreement for another 20 electric buses.

    In the case of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the agreement includes the provision of 13 zero-emission buses, corresponding electric charging systems, and maintenance, within the city's Smart Electric Bus (BEI) project.