Luxembourg is getting 21 Irizar ie bus zero-emissions buses

The group Voyages Emilie Weber is acquiring 14 new 18 m Irizar ie bus 100% electric, zero-emissions buses, which are an addition to the seven 12 m Irizar ie bus units that are already fully operational in Luxembourg. They are the first 18 m articulated buses with 525 kWh to operate in night charging mode. This acquisition also includes repair and maintenance contracts.

As an outcome of its service strategy, Irizar currently has exclusive high quality after-sales service in Luxembourg. That means it can provide R&M packages to operators managed by technical experts and people hired locally. This in turn contributes to generating wealth and employment at a local level.

The contract includes delivery and maintenance for fourteen Irizar ie bus 18 metre articulated zero-emissions electric buses, in addition to the charging infrastructure.

The Irizar ie bus incorporates Irizar Group technology for the electronics and communications as well as the main vehicle systems, including the power train, battery modules and charging systems.

The bus has 3 doors with 51 seats, 1 driver's seat, 4 foldable seats and 2 wheelchair areas. It has a total capacity for 104 passengers. These vehicles have a range of 200-220 km. They are charged at night using 14 interoperable chargers with Combo - CCS2 charging outlets, which are also designed and manufactured by the Irizar Group.

The first vehicles will be delivered after March 2019.

The group Voyages Emile Weber is one of the largest passenger transport companies in Luxembourg and they have excellent transport services and values that make them successful: quality, a sense of responsibility, tradition and innovation.

By signing this new contract, the group Voyages Emilie Weber is moving forward in the electrification of public transport. The agreement is part of its |empowering Mobility| 

project whose goal is the electrification of mobility, sustainability and improving the quality of life for cities and their residents.

Project information

  • Vehicles: Fourteen 18-metre-long Irizar ie bus

  • 51 seats (1 driver's seat, 4 foldable seats, 4 PRM spaces and 2 wheelchair areas) Capacity for 104 people

  • Range of 200-220 kilometres

  • 3 doors and an electric ramp

Connected vehicle:Every vehicle will be equipped with USB ports on the bars for charging mobile phones and WiFi for passengers.

Vehicle charging: The vehicles will be charged at night.