Luxembourg Places a New Order for Irizar Electric Buses

On this occasion, it was the company ‘Voyages Simon’ that placed its trust in Irizar e-mobility, with the purchase of six 100% electric, zero emissions, 12-metre long Irizar ie buses, along with their charging infrastructures. This purchase also includes maintenance and repair contracts.

As a result of its service strategy, Irizar currently has a high-quality, exclusive after sales service in Luxembourg to offer R&M packages to the operator, and it is managed by technical experts and people contracted at local level which has, in turn, contributed to the generation of wealth and local employment.

The Irizar ie bus model, which in this case is the 12-metre long version, is a product equipped with Irizar Group technology, both in terms of electronics and communication facilities, as well as in the vehicle’s main systems: power train, battery modules and charging systems.

The vehicles have 2 doors and 40 seats, plus 1 driver’s seat, 2 folding seats and 1 wheelchair area. It has capacity for up to 72 passengers. These vehicles have an autonomous range of 220km and are charged overnight with 6 interoperable chargers with Combo – CCS2 connectors, also developed and manufactured by the Irizar Group.

The vehicles will be incorporated into different lines in Luxembourg and will be delivered in June 2019.

Luxembourg will have 27 Irizar 100% electric, zero emissions buses

With this new acquisition, Irizar is becoming a leader in its field in Luxembourg, and this year the city of Luxembourg will have 27 Irizar 100% electric, zero emissions buses.

The group Voyages Emilie Weber has already purchased 21 Irizar electric buses, 7 of which are already fully in operation throughout Luxembourg, and now 6 new units purchased by Voyages Simon will be added to that.

Project data

  • Vehicles: Six 12-metre long Irizar ie buses

  • Space for 40 seated passengers (4 spaces for persons with reduced mobility), 1 driver's seat, 2 folding seats and 1 wheelchair area. Capacity for 72 people

  • Autonomous range of 200-220 kilometres

  • 2 doors and an electric ramp

Connected vehicle: Each vehicle will be equipped with USB ports on the handrails for mobile phone charging

Vehicle charging: Vehicles will be charged at depot overnight