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Bilbobus adds the first Irizar ie tram electric bus to its fleet

Bilbobus adds the first Irizar ie tram electric bus to its fleet

Aduna, 11 March 2022

This new Irizar ie tram, a zero emissions electric bus in the style of a tram, is the first of the model to be added to the six electric buses already in the Bilbobus fleet.

The Irizar ie tram stands apart because of its futuristic modern design, making for a distinctive and unique vehicle that gives the city a special appeal while also maximising passenger comfort, accessibility and experience. It's a new concept in electromobility that, because of its elegant and attractive design, zero emissions, low noise and vibration levels and safety characteristics, is especially well suited for using in Bilbao.

The new 12 metre long Irizar ie tram has 43 seats, 2 wheelchair areas and 4 PRM seats. And it can transport up to 75 passengers, which improves accessibility and makes for fluid circulation. Its comfortable interior and innovative hardware give a feeling of openness and light that assure a grand travel experience for passengers and drivers alike.

The bus is powered by latest generation 430 kWh on-board batteries made by the Irizar Group, which guarantees it has enough range to provide the required services all day. The bus will be charged at night in the garage.

The city of Bilbao has taken another step towards meeting its commitments under the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), which puts the well-being of residents at the centre of urban development. The new bus will be used on the 62 line that provides daily service to the San Mamés Arabella San Mamés route, which has 12 stops: Arabella, San Isidro, Zumalacárregui 105, Zumalacárregui / T.Zubiria, Kristo 1, Ibáñez De Bilbao 14, Mazarredo 3, Urquijo 14 / Institutoa, Urquijo / Bizkaia Pl., Urquijo 68, Urquijo 92, San Mamés.

“We're extremely satisfied with having the vehicle in the city. We think it's a value added proposition that brings a new concept of electromobility that unites the environmental benefits of more sustainable, efficient, intelligent, safe and connected urban public transport with the appeal of travelling in a vehicle that gives something to the city and produces an emotional impact that makes you want to take the bus.”, says Txema Otero, Commercial Manager for Spain.