Irizar electric buses have performed more than 750,000 km and made 60,000 ultra-fast charges in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen

Aduna, 8 July 2022

With this milestone, the Irizar Group finished the commissioning of the ambitious electromobility project where a complete turnkey solution has been supplied.

Since the fast charging infrastructure pantographs in Bahnhoffstrasse Street were installed a year ago, the zero-emission Irizar ie tram buses have been commercially operating all around the streets of Schaffhausen on a daily basis. They have already performed more than 750,000 kilometres and more than 60,000 ultra-fast charging procedures.

As Iñigo Etxeberria, Export Commercial Director of Irizar e-mobility explained during the project closure event, "We would like to thank VBSH and the city of Schaffhausen for the trust they have placed in us. We are very proud to be able to bring our turnkey electromobility solutions to this city. The key for the success of this project has undoubtedly been the close cooperation between VBSH, Irizar Group and all the stake holders involved”.

It is a lighthouse project not only in Switzerland but in Europe. This is the first opportunity charging electric bus system fully zero emission on its entire value chain. As the twelve 600 kW ultra-fast charging stations draw the energy to charge the vehicles from the Rhein river hydroelectric plant (run by the local company SH Power).

VBSH Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen and Irizar e-mobility proved that public transport can be sustainable, efficient, smart, accessible, safe and connected and at the same time, meet the expectations of European citizens.

Project details

The project includes fifteen Irizar ie tram model zero emission electric buses (eight 12m-long and seven 18m-long vehicles), thirteen 600 kW ultra-fast chargers and sixteen charging stations in depots. The chargers have been developed and manufactured by Jema, a company belonging to the Irizar Group.