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The region of Pamplona will have 20 new zero-emissions buses from Irizar e-mobility

The region of Pamplona will have 20 new zero-emissions buses from Irizar e-mobility

23 September 2022

Irizar e-mobility has closed a contract to supply twenty 100% electric zero-emissions buses with Transports Ciutat Comtal (TCC) from the Moventis group, the company that currently manages the urban regional transport fleet in Pamplona. They will be buses where the cutting edge futuristic design plays a major role. The delivery of the first units is expected for mid-2023.

They are 12 metre long Irizar ie tram model buses. The buses have some aesthetic attributes of a tram, and they are accessible, environmentally friendly and destined to enrich passenger experience.

Iñigo Azcona, Irizar e-mobility Commercial Manager for Spain and Portugal, added, “We're extremely happy to be able to contribute to the ambitious sustainable public transport projects being undertaken by the mancommunity of the region of Pamplona. For us, it's strategic that a region like Pamplona has chosen a local product with high technological content. The vehicle model they've chosen, the Irizar ie tram, is our flagship model. The ie tram is a hook product that is revolutionising electromobility in cities. Its high degree of personalisation, high capacity, ease of access and comfort are among its great virtues. We hope the people of the region of Pamplona can enjoy all the advantages of the vehicle soon.”

With latest generation 430 kWh Irizar batteries and equipped with 206 kW traction engines, the vehicles have 3 doors, 25 seats for passengers (4 for PRM), 2 wheelchair and pram areas, a ramp for disabled people and they can hold up to 80 passengers. The buses will have the option to be charged using an inverted pantograph or by slow charging in the garage.

As an example of the technology, instead of conventional rear view mirrors the vehicle has two digital cameras that project images on screens in the cockpit, which guarantees excellent visibility under all lighting conditions. In addition, special emphasis was put on passive safety, where ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system) help minimise risky situations that can arise while driving.

TCC Pamplona has a fleet of 159 buses, 135 of which are in service during rush hour. The network has 553 stops (328 with shelter) along 24 daytime urban lines and 10 night lines.

Because of the significant urban growth happening in the region of Pamplona, the number of trips on the TUC (Transporte Urbano Comarcal) has increased in recent years.