Irizar e-mobility to electrify the first route in London using ultra-fast opportunity charging buses

Aduna, 27 October 2022

Irizar e-mobility and Go Ahead London have signed a contract to supply 20 buses and related charging infrastructure to electrify route 358 in south London, the first ultra-fast opportunity charging route in the capital.

Go Ahead, London's largest bus operator, has once again placed its trust in Irizar's e-mobility solutions and signed a contract for the purchase of twenty electric buses and supporting  charging infrastructure. Two 450kW ultra-fast chargers for the route terminals and 100kW depot chargers capable of charging two buses simultaneous at 50kW for the bus garage will be supplied by Jema Energy (a subsidiary company of the Irizar Group). 

The model chosen, due to its visually appealing, modern design, is the 12-metre Irizar ie tram, the first to be manufactured with right-hand drive and the first to be launched in the UK. Its zero emissions, low noise and vibration levels, enhanced safety features and easy access, make it particularly suitable for use in a city like London.

The buses will be powered by state-of-the-art batteries manufactured by the Irizar Group and will be charged between trips using two fast charging inverted pantograph systems to be installed at Crystal Palace and Orpington Bus Stations, allowing the buses to be charged in less than five minutes and enabling them to perform the required service effortlessly. After finishing the route, the buses will receive a short top up using the depot based chargers.

The Irizar ie tram, with its stylish tram-like design, stands out from other buses by combining high capacity, easy access and plenty of passenger space inside with the versatility of a city bus. The bus's passenger compartment is bright, comfortable, spacious, pleasant and safe.

Its innovative features and the level of passive safety for passengers and pedestrians are the key factors that led the operator to choose this vehicle, along with the fact that the Irizar ie tram's front end design meets Transport for London’s 2024 Bus Safety Standards in terms of front end pedestrian  protection. 

Irizar's zero-emission e-mobility buses, scheduled for delivery from late 2022, will run along route 358 between Crystal Palace and Orpington.

"We are delighted that Go Ahead, London largest bus operator, has chosen our technology; this is a clear testament to the confidence placed in our products and proof of their quality and reliability. London is investing heavily in sustainable public transport solutions and we are honoured for Irizar e-mobility to play a part in this goal. Our technological race continues, and this operation will see our company launching the first super-fast charging route in London, complying with the high standards set by Transport for London", stated Iñigo Etxeberria, Managing Director of Irizar e-mobility.

Those attending the Euro Bus Expo show in Birmingham will have the opportunity to exclusively view the first bus, which will be on display at stand A10 on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November. Coaches from the Irizar range and other Irizar Group technology will also be on display at the exhibition. 

This new contract is once again evidence of Irizar Group technological, innovative strength, reaffirming its intention to position itself as leader in urban mobility and shows the company´s firm commitment to improving sustainability and environmental standards in cities.